With the pandemic-induced lockdowns changing online behaviours and sparking all new trends impacting broader digital connections. There’s certainly a lot happening for the digital marketing companies & social media marketers. Many Social media marketing companies in Gurgaon are looking at a world shifting towards WFH since 2020. Here’s a detailed list of platforms that showcase a variety of trends that could prove to be promising for the year 2022:

1. FACEBOOK- Topping the list of social media platforms, being widely used and forming the largest interconnected network of active users, although FB loses its touch with younger audiences, it continues to add new ad tools and business options to build a more cohesive platform & facilitates the upgraded stage of brand connection. Before we consider its move into AR/VR & evolving metaverse concept, it still faces challenges, yet looks set for latitudinal growth.

Key elements of development for the social network:

  • eCommerce focus: Live shopping and in-stream shopping are the key elements of focus, which assures improved product discovery & more alerts for buyable products in-stream. Facebook is working towards becoming a foundational element in the digital infrastructure of emerging ecommerce markets, set to play a big role in this shift.
  • AR/VR shift: You could expect to see the next stage of Facebook’s AR glasses, integrated with Instagram like- wristband control for AR overlays, social workplace tools for its Oculus VR headsets.
  • Algorithmic shifts: Removing algorithmic amplification was a key recommendation by FB, providing an easy way forward with broader user control.

2. AUDIO SOCIAL- Is it the pandemic fad or long-term change in Audio social? Unlike Clubhouse & Twitter, FB has taken a cautious approach by restricting access to its audio rooms to high-profile users & groups seems to be a viable path.

3. TWITTER- Its main push in business efforts has been in building pathways for creators to make money for their tweets alongside establishing expanded revenue streams for the platform. Subscription options like Twitter blue or ecommerce has been developed as its also testing its elements on its professional profiles, its variation of business pages with direct in-stream buying from tweets.

4. CRYPTOCURRENCIES & NFTs- Twitter’s CEO is a Bitcoin fan, will these trends have legs? FB has gotten into Metaverse concept while Twitter is keen on new options of enabling people to make payments via cryptocurrency & new display tools that align with the rising trend of NFT purchases in the app, leading the game in establishing links with prominent users in the space.

5. INSTAGRAM- Simply expect to see more shopping options being tested in IG through the year with advanced product search & live shopping. As AR/VR gains momentum, IG will be directly connecting into its AR glasses & tools. Video engagement is already dominant on IG while Reels is going to be its fastest growing element in 2022.

6. SNAPCHAT- It enjoys a gut niche in social media marketplace as a medium of making intimate connection & community. It has also facilitated new trends in content consumption via shorter, snackable shows & content, hence proves to be a leader in AR, QR codes and innovations.

7. VIRTUAL FASHION- The rise of NFTs to a new stage for digital representation of personal fashion sense and interests through digital avatars is the artwork that shows huge potential in 2022. Customized 3D Full size digital depiction of your Bitmoji characters is going to be a major trend.

8. PINTEREST- Can it continue to capitalize on the pandemic-led ecommerce shift? Of all the major social platforms, Pinterest have been the biggest winner with more users, yet the challenge remains to capitalize on that pandemic push that it enjoyed & ensure that the new users do not drift away as the physical stores re-open.

9. TIKTOK- The new biggie in the market with usage that rivals with IG, it looks set to become an embedded part of a broader social landscape. With various ecommerce tests & its creator marketplace to facilitate sponsored content, you can expect to see even more options arriving in the app in 2022.

10. LINKEDIN- It looks set to be focussing on steady increase in user engagement, facilitate remote work engagements & maximize economic opportunity for minority communities. With WFH shift, it’s become a facilitator of live-stream events, live meet-ups, hybrid events, creator tools & can expect this to become a larger element of in-app experience in 2022.

For a renowned social media agency- Qwerty brand solutions, it’s a time for significant introspection in many respects with many people keen on evolving from the pre-covid days & build new opportunities in rebuilding market- which could open up major new potential for those paying attention. These new features will look into aligning those trends and facilitate manifold growth.

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