How to Brand Your Company in India

How to Brand Your Company in India?

Have you ever wondered why Maggie has become synonymous with instant noodles? Here's the catch:

When the branding is done to the point, you can create a powerful impact on your target audience. Brands like Maggie, Colgate and Zomato have taken their branding game to the next level and etched an indelible mark on their consumers' minds. Branding is the need of the hour if you wish to take your business to the next level.

So, now, if you are wondering how to brand your company in India, let us enlighten you with some valuable tips and tricks.

Steps to Brand Your Company in India

The power of effective branding outshines the hard work of your rivals and also fetches a huge customer base. When you connect with your audience through effective branding, you are actually growing and nurturing your existing client base and attracting new consumers. There's nothing better than branding to advocate successfully for your services or products. If you wish to know more about the various steps to brand your company in India, scroll down and dive deeper into the post.

1. Analyse your competition.

If you plan to create a brand identity for your company, then the first thing you need to invest time and money in is in-depth research work. 360-degree market research that encompasses all the significant aspects of branding is what you need at this stage.

The first and foremost aspect that you should research is your rivals. You need to know what exactly they are offering to your target audience. Your branding strategy should try to bridge the gap and make sure that your company has something better to offer to the target audience.

You need to be vigilant about the branding tactics of your competitors. Take a note of their USPs. Know how to differentiate your brand from theirs, and at the same time, offer a little more extra.

2. Chart out your target audience.

Learn about your target audience from the inside out. You need to understand that the requirement of the entire group won't be the same. You have to divide your target consumers into further sections depending on their demographics, interest, behaviour, age, etc. Develop a branding strategy that caters to the requirements and expectations of different consumers differently.

3. Be clear and straightforward with your brand mission.

Come up with a mission statement that is straightforward and clear. Your brand tactics should clearly explain the vision and idea of the company. Make sure you bring out the authentic image of your company through your mission statement. When you are entirely aware of your company's purpose, you can curate a brand strategy that is par excellence.

4. Focus on value propositions.

You need to have a clear idea about your USP. Know about that one thing that sets you apart from your rivals. Know about the value that only you can bring to your consumers. If you are taking the first step towards building a brand for your company, you must know the difference between you and your rivals. Monitor the branding tactics of your competitors and stay ahead of them by coming up with something different and unique.

5. Define your brand guidelines.

Brand guidelines are highly beneficial in the creation of an effective brand strategy. Specific rules and uniform tonality make sure that you are consistent with your brand tactics across all the channels. The uniformity helps in making your brand all the more familiar and popular among your target audience.

6. Finally, market your brand.

Once you have finalised your branding strategy, apply the tactics across all the platformswithout any delay. Your branding should be evident in every communication piece between you and your consumers – website, packaging, marketing collateral, stationery, etc. Explore new channels like web, email and affiliates and try promoting your company there as well. You can never run out of promotion ideas if you have the knack for branding and marketing. For instance, you can make a smart promotion on social media pages, office goodies, employee tee-shirts, caps etc.

How to Check the Brand Name Availability in India?

Your brand name can either make or break the deal for you. The brand name serves as the soul of the branding strategy. The brand name will be at the forefront of your company or your products and services. So, make sure you choose a catchy brand name which is alsobrand name, which is also appealing and attention-grabbing. It should be able to evoke a sense of curiosity among your target audience.

Choosing a brand name can be quite a difficult task. You need to be creative enough. And at the same time, it should convey the purpose of your brand clearly. Also, you should get your unique brand name trademarked so that no other company can use it. Know that your trademarked brand name is no less than an asset to your company.

So, if you are unsure as to how to check the brand name availability in India, then simply follow these steps:

1. First of all, decide upon a name and finalise it.

2. Search for the same online. Proceed with the same only when "no match found" appears in the search results.

3. Fill the trademark application form.

4. File the registration form for brand name registration.

5. Get it published in Indian Trademark Journals.

6. Finally, get the certificate for trademark registration.

How to Launch a Brand on Social Media?

Social media is indeed one of the best platforms to brand your company. So, if you are not launching your brand on social media, trust us, you are missing out on something HUGE! The branding of your company will never be complete if you keep your company out of social media.

We understand that launching your brand on different social media platforms can be quite a mind-boggling experience. But if you follow the below-given tips and connect with social media experts like QWERTY Brand Solutions, you will surely win lots of hearts on social media with your power-packed branding.

• Know your target audience and put yourself in their shoes. Think of the things that would have influenced you to make a purchase. Also, get a rough idea of what your rivals are doing on the same social media platforms.

• Teasers can build up an intense sense of curiosity among your followers as well as target consumers. It helps in grabbing attention easily. Share teasers before any major announcement or revelation and keep building anticipation. You can also use email marketing to share the latest activities regarding your company brand.

• Blogs can be a useful avenue to share valuable information and details regarding your offer's products and services. For example,if you run a beauty products company, your blogs should be about informational and engaging beauty guides, how-to blogs, pros and cons of certain beauty products, etc. Your blogs will compel your target audience to come back to your social media profile again and again.

• Create catchy and witty hashtags to attract traffic online as well as spice up your offline promotional activities. These hashtags will help your company stand out of the crowd, create a buzz in the industry and consumer market and offer valuable details to your target audience.

• Make sure you give not two but multiple reasons to your target consumers to engage with your content. Bring value to them through your content and believe that they actually need your product or service.

• Apart from blogs, you can come up with attractive videos that describe the utility and benefits of your products and services. You can upload behind-the-scene videos, stop-motion animation, mini advertisements or explainer videos.

• Connect with reputed influencers in your niche and invest your time and money in influencer marketing.

• Organise fun contests and keep the engagement, follows and likes pouring in. Before any launch or announcement, create a buzz among your audience by organising fun contests.

What Is the Importance of Online Branding?

Online branding helps create a robust impression: It etches an indelible imprint on the minds of your audience.

It enables your brand to stand out among the crowd: Your online presence can keep you a step ahead of your rivals.

Experience enhanced brand loyalty: When your brand is available online, your customers get to see you quite often and thus stay by your side and choose you over other brands.

Online branding boosts your brand's credibility: It can increase the trustworthiness of your brand manifolds. The integrity and reputation of your brand grow because of successful online branding.

To Wrap Up

Now that you know how to launch a brand on social media and understand the value of branding your company both online and offline, you must have got the idea that it is not a single man's task. Branding requires expertise and years of experience. QWERTY Brand Solutions can bring you much-needed results by offering premium brand solutions. By providing impeccable digital branding service, we make sure that our clients can actually turn their visions into reality.

Leave aside your branding woes and connect with us to create a unique brand identity for your company today!

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