Working in an industry that morphs faster than a Power Ranger can be tricky, the social media landscape is ever evolving. If you are wondering what’s hot, what’s not, and how to fit social media trends into your business strategy- you are definitely not struggling alone.

Social media has taken over the expanse of businesses across sectors by storm and is leveraging the highest benefits for each of them, with high stakes on offer. One of the biggest problems that brands face nowadays is nailing the art of generating leads, driving sales, and maximizing ROI from their social media marketing efforts. In order to achieve these, you must learn to increase your social media conversion rates.


The recent pandemic has impacted the world business community the digital way and has made it inevitable for every business entity to have a presence on social media platforms to reach maximum customers. It is unthinkable to carry out business and scale growth, without incorporating social media tactics from an experienced social media marketing company. When effectively optimized, social media can help you reach millions of consumers easily.

Listed below are the most prominent reasons that would compel you to take on social media marketing strategies:

1. Conversions Every social media post, whether images, text, or video content, is an opportunity for leads to convert and move further down your sales funnel.

2. Traffic Having access to billions of users on social media platforms gives you an opportunity to boost your traffic, in turn kicking it harder at the further stages of growth.

3. Customer insights Social listening is a way to understand a brand’s popularity by analyzing information from various social media channels. It allows getting valuable insights into customer feedback, brand mentions, and the type of content, product, or service, that they prefer and engage in the most.

4. Brand awareness No matter how great your product or content is, you would not receive any leads or generate traffic if no one knew about you. Make social media platforms your brand voice in such a way as to propagate the essence of your existence to the consumers, and in turn, earn a loyal customer base.

After looking at these reasons that are worthy of a huge investment in social media tactics, here are some clever tricks and tips to improve your social media conversion rates manifold:

a) Optimize social media landing pages for conversions Your landing page is the way to communicate with your audience and it owns the responsibility of making or breaking your social media marketing campaign. It is crucial to design your landing page based on the objectives that you want to achieve. These may include using:

  • Click-through landing page
  • Lead-generation landing page
  • App/ Mobile landing page

Deciding on the objectives and the campaign type you want to run; testing your headline; optimizing your lead capture form, and CTA buttons would lead you to your business goals swiftly.

b) Optimize on Influencer marketing Due to the huge number of followers and engagement influencers receive, they can help your brand get more conversions and improve brand awareness.

c) Use Video posts and ads to boost conversions Create short and interesting videos, add a lead capture in the first 20% of the videos, and use video testimonials would help you amplify your brand.

d) Do not ignore the power of user-generated content Posting customers’ photos, videos, and reviews can significantly increase your social media conversion rates.

e) Run social media contests and promotions Generate leads, increase followers, and grow engagement by holding contests and promotions on your social media platform to attract and amplify footfall.

f) Create content that is audience-centric Design your audience persona, conduct surveys, and make use of social media insights to suit the choices of your target audience.

g) Make use of the right distribution platforms Depending on your business objective, industry, or niche, different social networks would work best for you. Such as videos and curated content works best on Facebook; news, blogs, and gifs run smoothly on Twitter; and likewise.

h) Offer a clear value proposition Your value proposition should incorporate relevancy, quantified value, and differentiation in order to scale business online.

i) Constantly perform analytics and tracking Analyze and track your social media conversion rates to know where you stand as a brand and what necessary steps you need to take to further improvise your digital marketing strategic plan.

j) Think ‘Value First’ Do not let them ignore any branded content selectively, via curating content that is of value to the consumers, and get the best return on your investment in the social media marketing plan.

From choosing formats to optimize landing pages, creating value for the customers is the clear reason to amplify your social media rankings across platforms. When in doubt, outsourcing your digital marketing needs to the best content marketing company in Gurgaon is a convenient way to understand the nitty-gritties and earn a credible reputation among masses in no time.

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