Video marketing is basically about using videos to promote and market your product or service; increase engagement on your digital and social channels, educate your consumers, and reach your audience with a new medium. Two-thirds of marketers 66% will either increase or maintain their spending on video in 2022. 88% of people would like to see more videos from brands in 2022, an increase of 3% from last year.

The advent of smartphones has enabled small businesses to turn to affordable video marketing tactics and changed the rule of the game. A small business owner can now create and publish a video in a matter of minutes and reach thousands of people with the seasoned efforts of a social media company. Now, the valid question arises as to;

Why should you invest your time and resources into video marketing?

51% of the consumers replied that they were more likely to patronize a small business if they were able to watch videos introducing the company and/or highlighting their products/services. Whether you are a small retailer or a baker; video should be a part of your marketing strategy.

Why do you think videos are effective?

As Benjamin Franklin said,

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember; involve me and I learn”.

This childhood rule fairly applies to today’s day and age of digital marketing scenarios. More than an image on your social media page, a video propagates your brand message conveniently, without leaving any spot for confusion. As it is said that talking is better than an inanimate image about your brand product/service. Videos can elicit an emotional response that other mediums simply cannot. As per recent studies, over 95% of purchasing decisions are done subconsciously on an emotional level. What better way to connect to your consumers on an intimate level of emotion than wisely curated brand video content? Videos are the most convenient way to involve and engage consumers in a lasting experience.

Now you know why videos work, here are the four most effective low-cost videos that can produce:

  • Demo/ Explainer video
  • Testimonial video
  • Informational video
  • Company story video

Depending on the goal in sight, you may choose from the above variety and cater to your needs to maximize consumer engagement and business growth. Nowadays, consumers are everywhere on social media, and the most popular ones include- Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Email inbox, TikTok, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and others. There’s definitely no shortage of SEO services in Gurgaon to optimize your video strategy to reach more of your target audience for each of these platforms.

To successfully understand the need of optimizing video content marketing strategies for your business, it is imperative to understand in deeper detail, what all benefits Video marketing has on offer for small businesses:

• Be present on YouTube Make the most of the platform by understanding how YouTube content fits into the buyers’ journey.

• Rank higher in search Adding a video to your website increases your chances of ranking on the first page of Google results; especially when 75% of people never venture past that first page.

• Increase understanding of your product An explainer video gives you a chance to show potential customers what you’re offering and how it solves a problem.

• Offer what they want 51.7% of global internet users prefer video content over any other, which clearly shows the inevitability of visual content on your site.

• Boost email click-throughs Instead of putting a long video, include a thumbnail from the video in the email that users can click and view on your website or landing page.

• Build stronger brand affiliation and connection With audio and visual stimulation in place, video marketing places you right in front of the audience where you belong.

• Show up more in social feeds People are more likely to stop mid-scroll for eye-catching video content and those interactions will always help your reach.

• Convey a stronger story Getting a consumer on video can be as simple as asking them to record themselves on their webcam or phone. It’s a powerful way to have a real person explain your brand unscripted.

• Amplify conversions It is a proven fact that websites using videos convert double the consumers as nearly 90% of sales professionals report the importance of accessing video viewing data to qualify leads or influence deals.

• Track potential buyer consumption patterns Video metrics are an incredible insight that helps inform businesses about how long people are watching your videos, and what areas of your video are being re-watched or skipped. This helps you create targeted follow-ups and have a more accurate idea of who’s interested and most likely to buy into your business.

• Work with authentic video footage Instead of high-budget videos, a smaller budget content video would be a great idea to connect buyers to your brand and build an authentic relationship.

• Get more ‘bang for your buck’ Companies using videos are growing revenue 49% faster than those that don’t. The numbers speak for themselves, but we’ll say it anyway- You need video content marketing.

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