Want to turn your brand into a market heavyweight? Then an effective media strategy is a must. There must be equipoise between digital media, social media and traditional channels strategies. This is a complex process of situation analysis, defining clear objectives, outlining the action course, followed by effective monitoring of the implementation. We guide our clients through each complex step with defining a concise proposition statement and formulating SMART objectives. With years of experience in background research and context mapping, we accurately help our clients reach their key audiences anywhere, anytime.

  • Research – Redesigning an existing brand or developing a strategy for a new brand requires a dipstick measurement of how your target audience would react to new branding. We help understand brands whether or not their strategy is on the right path or if their visual identity is resonating with the audiences. Research helps in conceptualizing bolder and more robust design approaches and digital strategies.
  • Analysis – Deep slicing-&-dicing of the intelligence gathered through research paints a clear picture of: WHO your end consumer is, WHERE he is located, WHAT exactly he wants, and HOW best to engage him. This is where we shine! With our deep understanding of the digital and social landscape, we help brands tap the pulse and engage their consumers at an emotional level, and help them turn into micro-level brand influencers.
  • Positioning – When there is an information onslaught and thousands of pages and messages vying for your customer’s attention, standing out is the key. We help brands position with a long-term brand message for consistency and emotional impact. And we keep it simple; so that your brand’s message is clear.
  • Execution – With more than 250 MN Indians being active digitally, this is where it all is! From posts to tweets, videos to Insta-stories, India is the fastest growing consumer of social media. And to not have an out-of-the-box digital strategy for a brand is archaic and unthinkable. But this is a fast-paced environment with unbelievably high content churn rate. How do you make your brand stand out? With a well thought out strategy clearly defining your brand’s vision, promise and positioning, and with excellent tools of engagement, we can help your brand tell its story and can help take it to millions.

Strategy Services

  • Marketing Objective to KPI's
  • Understand Customers and the Market
  • Develop Strategic Plan
  • Implement Plan
  • Evaluate

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