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Know how you can channelize negative customers’ feedback as your business’s success

Customer feedback is imperative in today’s competitive market. Their opinions let you measure your products and services’ success and how much that specific product met your potential clients’ expectations. Today’s market is all about harboring your customers’ needs by reducing their efforts and delivering them the solution to their problems.

“You’ll never be successful if you keep looking at your positive, you’ll be successful if you focus on your negatives and work on it…”

In the broadest sense, don’t overlook or get demoralized with your customers’ negative feedback; you’re in progress no there yet. Being one of the best digital marketing services provider in Gurgaon, we have experienced how negative feedback fuels us to land on accountable expectations of our clients. Here we’ve compiled so tips that how you can play cool with customers’ negative feedback on your work in online marketing.

Don’t overthink things; play it cool.

Here’s the thing, every time you see a negative comment, bad review, or an insulting email, take a deep breath, think of your reply, and write back. Most of the cases, some people jump to conclusions without considering their reply and impact, or it can make things even worse.

Know your responsibilities

When people see negative feedback of their work on any public domain, they went into damage control mode. Just by feeling sorry for what your customer had experienced neither going to compensate their losses nor keep you in their good books. The best you can do is come with a perfect resolution of their problems; your customers and brands are your priority.

Avoid generic statement

Avoid general statement that’s like petrol over flames. General statements like “Tell me, how can I help you? What happened? Etc are the recipe of frustration avoid it.

Avoid hopeless interactions

Learn to identify hopeless interactions means there are three types of brand haters that you’ll always meet.

Trolls – people who love to provoke others through bad comments about a famous personality, musicians, singers or a brand. They love shaking into trouble.

Goblins- People who are upset with your brand but go way too far on a personal level.

Hobgoblins- These are the hybrid and dangerous. The people who troll your brand and smash out on a personal level publically without any reason!

So try not to spend your time and energy on these three categories as whatever you do or how far you go for them, they’ll never be happy.

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