How digital marketing moving up to the ladder in 2020

How digital marketing moving up to the ladder in 2020

The year 2020 isn't less than an off-road journey and unpredictable sharp turns that have changed the digital marketing universe's dynamics with astonishing speed. Digital Marketing is evolving with great frequency. And, sadly there are a lot of changes that you might not appreciate this time. In the broadest sense, online marketing is getting bigger, better, and competitive every year, so if you're a budding digital marketer, you have to put your heart and soul to return on investment.

Being a part of one of the best digital marketing company in Gurgaon, we feel it's crucial to put these changes into the spotlight. Here we have a list of some upcoming changes that you will soon experience in the future.

Drastic change #1 SEO will have a voice search facility. Yes, you've read that, right! SEO is moving with a voice search. Study shows that in 2018, 3 out of every five people used voice search. It is predicted that over 50% of Google searches will be done by 2025. This evolution has removed the typing hassle, which is not a big problem but has evolved.

Drastic change #2It's 2020, and Artificial Intelligence is getting stronger. Be it if you're writing an email to your friend or watching your favorite show on Netflix, the AI-powered software and technology have become commonplace in our everyday life. For example,- Uber and Microsoft are using K5 robots that predict and prevent crime. These amazing robots can read the license, report any suspicious activity, and collect the individual's data on behalf of law enforcement. In simple words, Artificial Intelligence has changed the dynamics of the business and commercial sectors.

Drastic change #3Programmatic advertising will be a new face of online marketing. Programmatic advertising is an amazing approach to sell products online using AI technology. With this technology, you can filter more specific audiences, enhance your productivity, generate your leads into customers, and get massive web conversion of your page.

Drastic change #4chatbots will be a core of digital marketing in the future. This AI-based technology has now become the necessity of every big and budding business. They use instant real-time messaging to chat with the customers and provide end to end solution. Study shows that chatbots will support 85% of customer service hubs by 2025. They are inexhaustible and can provide 24 hours services with instant responses to the customer's queries. We can say that by 2022, chatbots will replace manual working that prone to human errors. Almost 63% of Indian millennials prefer to communicate with chatbots as they make quick replies, give prompt answers, good listeners, and never lose patience.

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