Facebook Marketing

FACEBOOK, META VERSE OR BOTH- ‘Gateway to your business expansion’

Whether you represent a big brand or a small business employing only a handful of people, you can bet that a chunk of your customers is already present on Facebook. Facebook marketing refers to creating and actively using a Facebook page as a communications channel to maintain contact with and attract customers. Facebook actively provides for this, allowing users to create individual profiles or business pages for companies/ organizations or any group attempting to develop a fan base. Facebook marketing is used by brands, local businesses, personalities & non-profit organizations. Facebook pages are the gateway for businesses to market to this holy grail of users. Also, adding to this, there’s no denying the fact that Facebook’s organic reach has declined in recent years. Yet a whopping 95.8% of respondents ranked Facebook as one of the top three drivers of return on investments among all the social networks. In comparison, 63.5% of respondents ranked twitter and 40.1% ranked Instagram among the top three ROI drivers.


  • Being the most popular social network, it is undoubtedly the 800-pound gorilla of social media
  • Facebook users encompass all demographics ranging from teens to seniors
  • It is way too “sticky” as majority of you spend at least 20% of all time online on Facebook
  • Being affordable, it can easily set and control your own budget
  • Provides a highly targeted advertising based on location, age, gender and other critical factors
  • It lets you to reach out to a sea of website customers
  • Makes it like wildfire to spread the word to friends of friends
  • Convenient to measure your results


The time is definitely NOW as the pandemic has forced all the businesses to re-kindle their marketing strategies so as to cater to needs of the customer that is stuck at home, pushing the business entities big or small, to incorporate social media marketing strategies into their business plan, in order to reach out to them. Social media platforms like Facebook has proven to be the threshold platforms from where the businesses have made a mark in the lives of their potential customers. Facebook marketing services were the first & are still the foremost online services businesses want to capture in order to scale higher ROI.


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