Choose From WordPress, Blogger, and Wix With These Pros And Cons

Choose From WordPress, Blogger, and Wix With These Pros And Cons

Are you wondering where to start creating your blog posts or a website? And that too for free? Well, the answer is yes! You can definitely design a personal blog or website that is absolutely free of cost with the help of a few platforms.

Although you may have known many blogging websites, here we will discuss the 3 of them which are free and high in demand. The topic will cover pros and cons of the 3 best platforms that cater to millions of bloggers across the world. While there are many companies for ecommerce website development in Gurgaon, you can check out these options depending on your preferences.


WordPress is a well-known site, which you would have come across several times. It is undoubtedly the most favored blog site that has expanded as the most desired CMS and a substantial platform for different kinds of websites. In addition to this, WordPress can be deemed as the simplest platform if you are a beginner. So you do not need coding expertise to begin a blog.


  • Hosting and domain are free with an already added setup (sub-domain:
  • User-friendly and convenient for newbies.
  • Security check done by WordPress and Jetpack toolkit.
  • Myriads of themes for free.


  • Minimal options to expand or tweak a blog.
  • No custom plugin available.
  • Monetizing your blog, and adding ads isn't possible.
  • On the technical terms, the ownership of your blog doesn’t lie with you, since it operates as one of the sub-domains of WordPress. If there are any violations of their policies, the site can be suspended as well.

In all, WordPress can provide you with a simple and basic blog option in its free plan. But you can choose the premium plans and upgrade your website later when your blog gains popularity.


Blogger is one of most user-friendly blogging sites to start for free with. This platform is owned by Google, which makes it easy to use. Its prompt and simple integration with your Google profile will enable you to begin with a new website instantly.


  • Simplicity is the key benefit on this site.
  • Hosting and domain are free with an already available setup (sub-domain:
  • Security features extended by Google.
  • Earning money is possible using Google AdSense.


  • Less templates and options for customization and modification.
  • No upgrade option for later.
  • Limited authority over your blog; making it open to suspension anytime.
  • Lack of complete support, new updates and features

This site is for those who want a simple and basic blog without needing a high future growth. In all, a personal blog can be catered to very well in this platform


Wix, the last one in our list, but not the least. In fact, it is a great blogging platform for designing amazing websites. It has a plethora of drag and drop templates with free website hosting. Doubtlessly, Wix is one of the most impressive blog sites to start your blog for free. Although it is easy to use, beginners may take some time to grasp all its features.


  • Wix ADI creates wonderful designs and also provides a simple drag and drop website builder.
  • A plenty of design templates to choose from (around 500).
  • Upgrade option is available with the premium plan.


  • You get fewer features and modification options with no possibility to change the template afterwards.
  • Wix ads are shown if you are using the free Wix blog.
  • Limited authority over your blog will allow it to get suspended any time.

Overall, Wix is for those who can invest time to create their website patiently. In addition, this platform is suitable for business owners due to its upgrade options.

Wrapping Up

Ensure that you choose a platform as per the type of content needed now and also for the future. If you are likely to consider making changes on your website and give it a professional look, it’s better to select the one that has upgrade options. Although these platforms will have an already available setup and hosting for you, a domain name will cost you nothing. However, you should note that it will be a shared domain name. Indeed, there will be some limitations when you are using free blogging websites.

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