Best Practices To Follow For Your Website’s Landing Page

Just when you click on an online ad, the page that opens up is most likely a landing page. It may have some buttons such as ‘call-to-action’ or simply present the homepage of a website. Hence, the top digital marketing companies make the best use of these powerful conversion tools known as landing pages. If you own a business website and want to place effective landing pages, here are the best practices to follow:

Place a lucrative headline

Let’s face it, for every 20 of your landing page visitors, a minimum of 12 are likely to bounce off. To reduce this number and your page’s bounce rate, the page visitors should know what it offers them within seconds. This is where your page headline comes into the instant picture, as they’ll read it at first. So it is important for your landing page headline to be clear and crisp, showing exactly what your landing page has to offer.

Write a copy that compels

While crafting a headline deems vital, don’t spend too much time on it. The words that you need to focus on are the ones that would sell your product or fetch a click on that ‘action’ button. Therefore, you need to have a concise and educative copy that can enable the page visitor to take the final required action. A copy that compels users also speaks to them directly with the usage of personalized words like ‘you’ and ‘your’.

Add relevant images about your offer

The next crucial step is adding an image that can illustrate your target audience. Images are meant to convey a good emotion, so it deems necessary to showcase how the visitor will feel after getting your offer. You can try several images with different feelings they portray and see which one works the best.

Provide quickly accessible lead forms

You need to have a lead form that is quickly accessible in case the visitor wishes to buy your product right away. This will reduce their time and effort going through your landing page and searching for your offer. Imagine how a visitor would feel if they have to scroll down your page to reach the form vs. an instant view! It can either be a form on your landing page or an anchor link that takes the visitor to your form.

Highlight call-to-action (CTA) clearly

The CTA deems to be the most crucial aspect of your landing page; one of those buttons that will drive conversion. Hence, it needs to be highlighted in such a way that its color contradicts your page’s numerous sections. Also, place the exact action word that you wish your visitors to perform such as ‘buy it now’, ‘download’, or ‘register’.

Ask only the relevant information

You may need to collect the utmost data from your lead, but what you ask is based on multiple factors. You should know how well they know your business, their journey as a buyer, and their trust in your product. So begin with asking for little information, such as a name and an email address. This can enable your lead form to avoid low conversions and grow as you move ahead.

Eliminate navigation

The landing page is created with only one objective in mind that is, converting visitors to leads. Distracting URLs, even if they are your internal links to other webpages, can hinder achieving your main target. So you need to wisely eliminate navigation to any other links to bring the attention of your targeted visitors to the CTA button.

Optimize your search

You may be rightly directing the visitors to your landing page using emails, social media posts, and various marketing campaigns. However, you need to optimize your page with proper keywords to generate organic reach and run paid campaigns. A user should view your landing page in the results once they search for the related key phrase. Also, the same target keyword used with paid ads should be included in your landing page content.

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