7 Reasons Why WordPress Is The Leading CMS For SEO

If you are wondering why WordPress is soaring high in everyone’s eyes, you may want to look at these reasons. So let’s dive into the 7 reasons before taking the big leap.

1.Amazing User Experience

The key benefits of WordPress are its themes and plugins that give a professional, eye-catching, and user-friendly look to your website. So your visitors are sure to have a good time while surfing through the site, which also helps lower the bounce rate. This impacts the time spent by a user on your website and the overall SEO ranking. And with that, you will be in the good books of Google that rewards websites for offering a good user experience. Hence, many companies who provide web design and development services pay great heed to this factor.

2.Develops Great Permalinks

WordPress offers a simple way of editing a website’s permalink. So you can relax and enjoy the attractive look of your URL bar while avoiding confusing characters. This works by simply infusing relevant keywords into the article’s permalink URL. Not only will this make your permalink look pretty and explanatory, but also aid your website’s search ranking.

3.Easy Optimization Of Images for SEO

Images are a vital part of your blog posts, and using a few of them, depending on the blog length, divides it into readable and engaging segments. But that’s not it; images are excellent tools for boosting your SEO with WordPress. It offers you to infuse ‘alternative text’ for every image you add to your blog. So here you can use your keywords and let them catch the attention of search engine crawlers. Moreover, WordPress allows using a plugin to create alt text automatically for the images. You can also resize the images used in a blog to avoid slowness while loading your page.

4.Feasible Metadata Management

SEO titles and metadata enhance the way search engines decode your website’s relevance. Metadata shows a clear picture of your webpages to the search engine crawlers. Hence, feeding appropriate keywords in your metadata increases the chances of ranking those keywords from your website. And with the help of WordPress, you can use the Yoast SEO plugin that aids in including metadata to all the blog posts quickly.

5.Optimization For Smartphone Users

The usage of smartphones has phenomenally elevated in recent years. This goes without saying that any marketer who tries to get online traction has to optimize their website for smartphone users. The good part of using WordPress? It is already packed with several themes optimized for smartphone users! So you can rest, let the site do its work, and see your website getting easy access on mobile phones.

6.Integration For Social Media Campaigns

Today, social media has turned into a huge wave used by marketers for branding. In addition to this, the campaigns you run on social media can boost your SEO ranking indirectly. Therefore, it deems crucial to make the best use of social media along with your online marketing campaigns. And more so, WordPress enables you to generate customized buttons for social media, letting readers share your online content easily. WordPress offers the benefit of linking social media feeds to your website, and automation for campaigns.

7.Separate Plugins For SEO

With WordPress, it becomes an easy task to optimize for high SEO ranking. Simply install a few of the best mentioned plugins:

Yoast SEO: This plugin comes in handy for optimizing the written content as per your focus keyword. It aids in developing content that is readable and also gives you the templates for SEO title and meta description.

Google Analytics: This one an easy and impactful plugin from WordPress. So you won’t have to close the WordPress dashboard to check the Google Analytics reports. You can review the pages that get highly noticed on your website with its thorough statistics. It also allows you to view the number of clicks gained by your banner ads, outbound and affiliate links.

Google XML Sitemaps: It helps create complicated XML sitemaps with convenience. These sitemaps enhance your website’s framework and enable easy comprehension for search engine crawlers. It also sends notifications to search engines every time you publish new content. And with that, you can manage your content completely, starting with targeted keywords to website design. If you are looking for a digital marketing agency in Delhi, contact us to receive excellent services as per your business needs.

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