6 amazing cognitive hacks to look inside your customers' mind

4 Amazing cognitive hacks to look inside your customers' mind

We always compare things when we go shopping, but what do you exactly do? What influences you to buy that particular dress or visit that particular shop? Let's give your brainstorming a pause for a while. Well, this is the fascinating science of shopping that influences customers' behavior while shopping. Many brick and mortar companies use, experiment, and create the psychological hacks that let them steer our decision while shopping.

Once inside the shop, the music being played inside the shop, the interiors we see inside the shop are designed to affect purchasing habits. Being a part of one of the best digital marketing company in Gurgaon, we feel how important it is to look inside your customers' minds and how we can play their shopping behavior to drive more profits. This blog will tell you how you can monitor and analyze every move that your customers make while shopping. Here we've compiled four sure psychological hacks that will pitch your sale in online marketing.

Category heuristics

This technique is used to diagnose the mental problem. In the broadest sense, it helps to untangle or simplify our line of thought during decision making. But, digital marketers have beautifully used this technique in online marketing by projecting the comprehensive specifications of a product to reduce customer's efforts and time. The main agenda of this practice is to keep the key specifications of a product in the spotlight.

The power of NOW

One thing that gets the nerves of our customers is unwanted delays and patience. That's why online marketing is gaining more traction and is mostly preferred by Millennials across the globe. With some perks such as instant download and express delivery, customers can do instant and hassle-free shopping online.

Social proof

Social proofs and online reviews are the souls of digital marketing that determines the success of your brand. One of the best things about online marketing is that it lets us learn from other customers' experiences. We're more likely to get influenced to buy something tagged with more stars or if it's given thumbs up.

Power of free!

It's impossible to say no or resist something that costs nothing, even if it's of no use to us. If something that costs rupees 50 is being given as a free giveaway, then we'll surely grab that. The power of free always brings a massive return on investment that we as a customer never sensed, the main focus of a brand is to turn customer's desire into a necessity.

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