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4 website tips that steal your customer’s attention

How many of you experienced that frustration of a website that takes time to load? I am sure that many of you have quit in the midway. We expect hassle-free fast loading sites, and if your website is taking more than 3 seconds, you lose the game. If you’re also in the same pain, your website surely needs to be upgraded before losing your grip from your followers.

Did you know that if your website takes more than three seconds to load, then the chances of bouncing rate increases five times higher? This will likely wound up your ranking and put your website in bad books of your potential clients. And that’s why speed is essential for business. Being a part of one of the best digital marketing company in Gurgaon, we feel that your website is the mirror of your company that also acts as a doorway for customers to explore your products and services. So it should be undeniably good in look and easy to access for all genres of customers. Many other important aspects should be taken care of if you’re running your website.

Create a faster loading interface

Studies show that almost 47% of customers expect a faster loading interface if we go with the statistics. There are 40 % chances that websites exceeding more than three seconds to load lose out more followers. Create a faster loading interface, as customers have a myriad of options to choose from.

Create a user-friendly interface

It doesn’t matter how much you’ve invested on your website with all-stars and glitters to steal your customer’s attention. If it’s not a user-friendly interface, then you’re missing out not only your customers but other valuable gems that are responsible for fueling your business online; read it out

  • Google gives priority to the mobile-friendly interface.
  • Mobile users are everywhere
  • It gives you more visibility
  • You’re more close to your customers.
  • The more omnichannel window for your customers.

Don’t blow out with crappy content

Web page contents are the soul of every business that projects every big and small business enterprise’s views, products, and services. To deliver a nice piece of content, certain elements should be adhered to. Developing an informative article of content is the primary ingredient that harvests the success of your web page. Nearly, SEO cannot stand alone and demands an undeniably informative piece of content for generating CTRs and backlinks for your webpage. The more quality of backlinks you have, the more your web page rank high on google.

Keep more focus on your website’s layout

Like a good pair of shoes speaks about our personality and choices, similarly having a good website mirrors your company’s reputation. If you’re looking for a website that should be

  • Compatible with every possible interface.
  • Have loading time up to 3 seconds
  • Reduce customer’s efforts
  • Easy to access with every genre.

Let us help

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